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Fahredin Shehu - Kosova

Selection of poems




Yes my heart is ripened pomegranate
that bursts its peal to show the rubies
for the crown of SOPHIA Eternal




Thus spoke Tamara


I have polished the eyes of suffered child

Removing steamy layers of his vision

To see a sparkling teeth while I smile

And my soul’s dormant and well hidden planet of hate


I have washed the stratosphere of disasters

Their parents layered meticulously in his being

With tears with love impregnated

I have peeled all membranes of polluted spirit


I bestowed a smile to a frog

And a kiss to a silenced jade


I have leaked the dew from the petal of the white rose

And counted rubies from the ripened pomegranate


I have planted all sorts of fruits

And made a playground for all of us

You may call it orchard

You may call it plantation of Love’s newborn

But I know its Tachyon-ic soil

Where only Love may plant its seed


I have tailored an emerald dress

And perfumed it with amber for every child to wear

I feed every stomach

With bedazzling light of my soul

To make them transparent

To make them enlightened


I have created the army of smile

And called all experts to dismantle the machinery of hate

In the fields of light’s symphony

In eternity’s holly moment


I have embraced all visible and invisible infants

And rejoiced their happiness


I have squeezed all weapons

Human and demon have created

And made a powder so by every pinch

A smile gave birth to love





Bewilderment of Alien


Demons are mocking us

Angels are compassioning us

Aliens are bewildered why these…

Are killing each other?







A honeycomb


I’m not here

To say the pride of forgotten past

Nor I’m here to sing miraculously

Suras and Sutras of the Holy Scriptures


I’m not here to watch fallen mulberry fruits

In river swimming as a dried leafs

Nor I’m here to pray endlessly

As a sages to repent for

Sinful mundane ignorant


I’m here to kiss the sky in its forehead

And between two eyes where

The star has to spark its beauty


I’m here to perfume your soul

And dry in the sunny-golden pollen


I’m here too, to feed your lungs

With the air of the lost world

Eternally washed in the rivers of soul


I’m the soil of your secret sowed

As a wheat seeds in the fall

Waiting spring to green the fields

And to golden summer with poppies decorated


And fireflies during short nights

Dancing erotic games


Waiting fall to feed the holy stomach

Of enfant terrible

Perpetually called ME

The sarcophagus of your secret 


I’m lost …you, concentrated

In a formula dissolved to

Respond on their enigmas.





Blue hemoglobin

They have tailored two spirit measures
To layer on the body we drive

The peak of pain and scream
Is the same both as to male and female?
And it’s androgynous
Just as life

The tongue again is knotted
And can’t say the price of suffering life
That doesn’t have gender
Just as life

We have blue hemoglobin
Because we have to say the song of peacock
And lay them dormant in the hearts
That doesn’t have gender
Just as life






Crystal tears

…And my crystal tears melted
in cosmic liquor transformed
to drunk the lover in love





A rainbow Kinvat


Your soft heel while stepping rainbow color threshold

Where life salutes death

With wet kiss of a wide cosmic sea taste you great me


While I childishly kiss the ankle

Across the heart’s threshold you walk

With dark hair sometimes indigo

Being frightened with guiltless wind


That brings me the smell of your crop

To experience enlightenment as gift

To feel Love and scream pagan-ly 

As mad


“if I would thus love God

He would bestow me wings”

In a distant dimensions to transport me

As Prophet

But I’m only in Love 

And that’s it






Charged circle




Empty cans

No liquid evaporated

In the air full of pride

Polluted grains of soul

Lost their consistency

Pure fluids of light

Erupts as marshmallow bombs

Death squad penetrates deeply

Aiming to meet Anubis

A Tsunami whirled its wish

Passion and glutton declared independence

The dream of becoming a parallel nation

To co-habit with leukemia of creativity

A sex drive 4x4 retired

A crippled veteran of passion

Bags for the mercy of soulless utilitarian army of human entity

Better said plankton a homo-plankton of miserable creatures

Even worms and larva are disgusted by our hatred

Fecal, a skunk of fear

An eclipse of love that spans for ages

From birth to death

A spectrum displays its ripeness 

Ejaculates liberty as blast

A dazzling dance of shaped and amoeboid forms of manifestation


Bitter the honey with suffer

Powder a chamomile with royal jelly and ginseng

All of sudden a wind blows

Spores of the old pines



The soul of parallel nation of Angeloid

Is striving pleasure of life?

Lives now

Perpetually woofs a rainbow muslin with the divine light

Inter-woofed dress

Newborn immaculate fellows


Oh those smell of paradise

Mint, Neroli, Oakmoss, Amber

A bouquet of divine pleasure

And Acacia kissed by a queen bee

Yes the queen of Enneagram

Of course

The work produces sweet essences

Oh Sarmouni of our Millennia

Melt the cataract-ic lance so they may see the beauty

Heal the flu so they may smell fresh ozone

A charged circle of light and love


Remove the pulp from the reed

So may divine tune perform light?


May be your torchbearer

In the dark valley and by then you may see a spectrum

That encircles an infant fear

For an eternal life

Yet I kiss that that time sequence

Where Jin and Jang harmoniously co-habit

I a Feng Shui of Love

Defragmenter of hate’s files

Zipper of dark matrixes


So you may know they do exists

So you try them in order to enjoy the sweetness of life’s honey

In this porcelain valley

Where goodness and mischief

Hand in hand are gliding furiously

Alas pure the morning with dew of love

Oxidize hate with apple vinegar

Sing to celebrate both solstices and have a cup of vine

That swoon you

That filters all starry

Cells of brain and ganglia

Perfume her navel with rosewater and kiss, kiss, kiss

Do a divine Tantra

With all visible and invisible and semi-visible spirits

Kiss topaz of her eyes

Kiss ruby of her heart

Kiss diamond of her nail

Kiss cooper of her feet ankle

Kiss jade of her bones

Kiss sapphire of her cells

And a flame-y waterfall of hair

And a silky pubic…

Oh…kiss and kiss and kiss whatever belongs to her

Make her a necklace

With your purest and noblest spermatozoids

Then call her as you wish

Wisdom, Hikkmah, Sophia

Or simply Goddess that makes you Angeloid.






Teardrop of a golden fig 
I'm the flower sweetest among flowers 
Protected by snakes on a Plexus Solaris 
As a treasure of wisdom dormant 
That opens from within 
When the sun says its quatrain 
In the midday pondering existence 
Warms my heart full of tiny pearls 
For necklace of SOPHIA eternal 
I melt my sugar as a teardrop 
To cure the wounds of past suffers 
Leaking on your body between two breast 
To sleep in the hole of the navel 
For another thousand years 







Again leaving is telling me 
Thunder as melodeon 
Quiver of veins and bones 
While I come to Thy meeting embarrassedly hide 
Life's broken toy 
Buried in human darkness 
Alas you know my pains 
Tears in blood percolated 
As black pressed grapes 
Ah what can clenched extremities say? 
Between East and West 
When North and South winds by thy wish 
You knew and now so 
Shelter a playful child 
Guiltless till his end exhausted 
Vexatious body by instincts 
And I know my sin by name 
And by grandeur of pain 
They call it Love dreamt reality 
Hardly uttered clumpy pain 






Everything I've said 
Only Love is playing to me 
A magic lyre 
And blowing the horn of Israfil 
To ceaselessly awakening me 
And keep taciturn till pain 
While I follow the harmony 
Which hardly and in it 
I forgot captured myself as amber the wings of fly 
Yet I want to put it on 
Sparkling crown and they do not see it 
Alas how much pains me that blindness 







White roses 
Open my chest 
If you want to see 
The rod of heaven's river 
While it strains in its bed 
Where the white roses swim 






That black sun


That black sun

Painted carved

A map in my skin

A dazzling blinding

From inner and even within luminosity

To show the borrowed power by cosmos


I a naive creature

While washing in love

I have sprinkled others

With the blessed paradise waters

So they may lately curse

Me and only me







Obscure painter


I have slept in graveyards

Between two tombs

I started to count the stars

Waiting to percept any soul

That I may lately paint

With the blood of pigeon sprinkled

In a magnetic and invisible canvas

To disperse all around

Throughout ether









You kiss my tear

And stamp my existence


I kiss you and melt

In God’s essence






Our paradise


Just now I understand the old illusion

Since I lived in the coenobium of my egos


With you my soul is easier

With you is even different


Because the map in my skin shows

A path that leads us to paradise

And we... we even do not dream and why should we?

When you give me the amber taste in my mouth

You wash my emerald accoutrement


With you I cross the macadam of giant pearls

With the emerald grass in between


And where are plenty of white roses

Which with dedication are keeping our secret?

And this

Of course this for us is sufficient






Heart utters memory


On the bay walks

Parallel-y with the waves

All fishes in

Ocean soap


Toes mixed with crystal sand

Evaporated iodine

Mixing with the pine resin

Wanted to awake a dormant demon


The heart never lies

It replies

Blezebuth resides in Africa

Astaroth in America

Lucifer resides in Europe


This is Paradise my dear

Here your body bears no shade


Look at that huge Ficus Religiosa and

Apple blossoming all life long and

Pomegranate gives birth

To myriad of hearts like us

A statue onyx monument of suffer

You left down at bay

This overwhelming bliss

Bestowed to you so

Rejoice it.

Fluid gold


Gold molasses


Kitmir barked

Woke me up from dwelling of sleep

A myriad wing angel



Shook the dust of gold from wings



A gold collector put saliva

And made pastry

A gold molasses

With talcum from palm leafs

To produce a trembling fear

Only for hate










Many years I may say

Many myriads of time particles

Past on the life’s tape

Left accuracy as sarcophagus

Under the sand of Sahara


The Balsam of Mecca

Anointed every inch of body

Wiped cancer gene skin dots

Reminds me of The Raven

E. A. Poe speaks Gothic

Left space for revival of Theurgy


As Art endorsed

The pact of pleasure

Rainbow letter of resignation


I meandered

I found the fountain of Khidr and

The wellspring of Iamblichus

Berdijajev lauded

For the arrival of eon

When godling lives among

Human entities

No sacrifice

No crucifixion

It’s Time of Now

Act perpetrated in sync

Heart platoon


Reckoning lost Love orphans

Settled under the shade

Sycamore tree

A maple syrup strength-giving

Natural molasses

They feed life’s lead-hand

Heavy facilities invisible

Gravity pulls

Back spine orb

All-seeing eye

Chloroplast-ic provider of vegetative food

Amidst all-encompassing rays of love


Death is simple

Life is complex

Love shakes all diamond pillars

Of cosmic Temple

Produces shrieks of Paradise gates

Avesta Garaonmani

Awaits openheartedly


To embrace Love orphans

John Lennon, Leonard Cohen, Paul Klee, Piet Mondrian, Erasmus, Eulenspiegel,

Nasradin, Yunus Emre, Rumi, Gibran, Hokusai, Milarepa, Bhamaha, Basho

In here at once

Gather forces

Call it heart platoon

Strike the hate

Dismantle it!!!








How many grains I have swallowed

In them messages carved


Which white pigeons were unable to deliver?

Messages that bears codes for new generation

Something is cooking

Evaporated hot steam

A basmati smell

My stomach boycotts the reason

Its time to dispel lethargy

Its time to love

To do it

Just do it and faint








Hate anthem


Anonym disaster

Unfurling its plague

Fear conquered all words

Created desert of hate

Celebrates its wideness

Marks multi-millennium

Anniversary laughs

Afterwards pities

The specie


Homo sapiens

My man


Revolt of submission

Genesis of courtesy

Say in the name of Lord

Utter the primordial vowels

Sprinkle the fluid of smile


No, you can’t

You are unable to mark   a pointing finger

Toward the sky

You are unable to borrow

Wings from phoenix

Neither can you emit

Images of past life




Vision in the middle



Empty corps

Shadows evaporated

Melted body’s tissues

Knots of strings for organic shield

A tunic of Talismans

A Sultan’s dress

Druid Mithrl

Bones of black curses

Electromagnetic field overwhelmed carbonized bodies

All the possible formulas of organic nature


I may only observe

What my vision allows

In the middle of the course

With ultra and infra visions







Exhausted dream


Following dreams

Constantly displaying stairways

Purple cloudy

Rainbow threshold


Black onyx in the middle

Of golden sand desert

And the horsy creature

Ready to transport all

Possible terrestrial weight

Up to the levels of

Heavenly realms








Worm epoch


Mere creatures

Manlike entities

Utterly indescribable

Abyss of lowness


The anthem of hate

Sung by all worms of all kind

Laughing at me

An oxymoron of benevolence

Loveholic addicted

Premature angelic being

Disillusioned by sparkling vines

Stupidly mocks

Yet I do not understand love

This is worm epoch

Isn’t it?

A parochial, bizarre, aggressive, violent

A long, long very long procession

In the bad of time as river flows

Transports post mortem

Residuum of some time abundant

Overpopulated love entities

Knowledgeable entities

Creative entities

Prodigal entities

Adept entities

Angeloid entities

The river never gets dirt by them

Am I a human?

Am I alone?


Enthusiastic bitch


Freedom of speech

Equal opportunities

Women integration

Equal rights

LGBT rights

A bitch in the middle

An enthusiastic bitch

That sucks blood

And execute power

A despotic name

Spiritless in the name of freedom

That she eats

As tea biscuits in the morning

As a crispy fries with the bone of innocent fish in the midday

As a lettuce and artichoke for the dinner

A regime of outrageous diet

She…in the name of freedom

Barks at moon

As a wolf in solitude

All toads stretched in the dried grass

That forgot the corpse’s of chloroplasts

Taken in heaven as Henok

Archangel Raziel is yet silent

Unable to utter a word of compassion

Just a word is sufficient

To extract me from this mélange of suffer

Recession of love

Its absence

Drives me crazy

I a thirsty soul

With the tongue attached to palace

Incapable to sing the song of the white peacock

Lack of smile an orphan of intelligence

Human one

Abraham Joshua Herschel taught me

“The opposite of good is not evil but indifference”

This nation, you may call it a tribe, race, entity of exhausted



From deficit of love

A crucified angelic being

Holy indifference

Mock at us. It dies

Happy to flay away

Master Farshchian paints meticulously

All fluid and dynamics of our imagination

Yet she enjoys her glory

And empty reed unable to release

A sound a breath of cosmic creation

In her dwelling

Settlements of hate entities

She wipes all blueprints of love

She is such a shame

We are such a shame







Mrs. Death


Cool breeze winds


Curved hair as flow

Are flowing as waterfall

Who may endure this?

Provocation of woman

 With the one eye red

And another sapphire

They call her Death

That walks in with the brocade heavy dark couture

And Turquoise accessories

That frightens the transparent blood cells

Only one kiss she gives

To evaporate fluid of the soul at 100°C

To distil it and make sweat on the icy forehead

And eyes wide open

Looking toward the sun


She sent a white pigeon

To fly over

And the perfume of the white rose

To magically reveal its secret


A tunnel of light absorbs you

Not allowing you

Even to think of return


This is one way departure

She claims

Infrasonic- ally

And she remains proud








Mother Love


Mischief is only an attribute

Don’t blame it


It’s only not emancipated goodness






Questions of Angeloid


Am I plain stone?

To be thrown far from the eyesight


Am I skin of the tiger

To be stepped by soulless merchant


Am I blood soaked by relative fellow?


Am I a lost tribe’s leader?

To be adored as saint


Am I lost prophet?

To be searched in caves where the Jinni settled his colony


Am I a Jurassic fossil?

To be displayed in a crystal cube


Am I a jasmine essence?

To be smelled after third millennium


Am I lost planet

The curse of mankind


Am I paradigm of goodness?

To be diminished by surrenderance


Am I perfect mischief?

To be hailed as a Gospel chant


Am I wing of purple angel

To bring you shade

While you search for knowledge


Am I supersensible tune?

To be played by enlightened heartstring


Am I aerial spirit?

To bring you storm

In a midday when the sun

Reads its quatrain



Am I a cosmic fluid?

To be dispersed as a star dust


Am I divine enough?

To rejoice for a cosmic harmony


Am I the bell from the angel’s wings?

To bell the beginning of a new prophecy


Am I a saint that shows hardly his miracle?

To be later adored as Godling


Am I pure water from the desert’s spring?

To be drunk on the moment of death


Am I death of Art?

To be reborn by Theurgy


Am I a drunken lover in Love?

To be perished in the quantum of photon


Am I stupid to reveal a new discovery?

So you may pity or

You may salute and laude

And so, and so, and so on.






Blind enough


Invisible surrounding

Electromagnetic field

Radiates untitled something

A spiritual something you may say

While you encroach the emerald grass

Pearls of dew children of light

Sun was sometime a god

Called Shamash and Ra

The Moon was goddess sometime

Called Luna a dwelling of Gabriel

A multi-wing angel

A cosmic messenger

Athanor cocked a dish

They call it elixir of life

Involutionary stairways guides you

From macro, mezzo and micro cosmos


Yet the heart with dozen rubies inside, an organic pomegranate

To burst its peel a menses of Mother Nature

Announces the birth of the smile

Again a smile gave birth to love

We’ll celebrate the success of the prodigy

And the enlightenment of new coming adept

Enchanting melodies in procession of angelic dress

Haute Couture fluid emanation of the

Rejoicing lucky few


Hokusai taught me hundred techniques of printing the soul

On the electromagnetic canvas

While Devil wears Prada

I wear Thot’s dress and catapult as a fireball

King David touched my heart strings

Its rainbow harp

Jeshu anointed me with jasmine

Muhammad stamped his seal in my forehead

To rest with Buddha

Beneath the shadow of the Bo


My wounds were treated

With Arabic balm

E. A. Poe brought in his Raven

With Gibran I drink the vine

From Zarathustra’s vineyards


And eat rice with Lao Tzu

We measured all dimensions with Confucius

Aristotle revealed the benefits of the fig


I have planted a golden fig

Ibn Arabi came to salute my death

Rumi sings love…

Melting one as pine resin

In the hot summer days


Yet this surrounding performs


All possessing elements of creativity


We are still blind to see

There’s a difference indeed

But we are blind

Unaware enough

To not see this beauty







The Emerald Macadam

I have passed through
The narrow canyons of cerebrum
While listening odes of mature cells
Vibrating slowly
And a fresh Pine resin, Oakmoss and fresh Ozone winded my hairs
Inside my nose
Plugged my alveolus ready to burst of indescribable pleasure
I’ve heard sounds of sprinkling blood
From my wounded feet
Leaving blueprint of the thirsty soul…
Knowledge, Wisdom and Enlightenment
That slowly bows in a front of God
Only by us called LOVE
In an emerald macadam to show the path
To the following procession of creatures
From all Gurdijeffian Octaves
Which as a golden fig are blossoming from within?

You may call me outpour of passion
And you’ll not be mistaken

You may call me lanolin extracted from merino
And you’ll not be mistaken

You may call me a broken porcelain soldier
And you’ll not be mistaken

You may call me a bee that soaks the nectar from thousands of roses
And you’ll not be mistaken

You may call me a yellow topaz
A child of carbon
And you’ll not be mistaken

You may call me a felt petal of the white rose
And you’ll not be mistaken

You may call me believer who prays for the sins of human multitude
And you’ll not be mistaken

You may even call me human that mix with angels unaware of his innocence
And you’ll not be mistaken

But I know
I know spirit does not have a gender
The wind misses the color
The grass is painted green by transparent rain
Alchemy is a transformation of mother’s milk into blood
Heaven is nature and man is Hell
But the Mother is God in Heaven and Earth
Thus I’m hardly a human.








If painting is transmission of poetry into canvas


The poetry is transmission of soul into word







“a moment every time is faster than mind that’s why we realize it after it disappears”

“in none of cases a farcing mouth can not compete with the silenced one, since the second is shuttered only when it has to say something important”

“the avarice of destiny never created an abyss that will swallow all my dreams and hopes”







Your heart  


Your heart is my palace
where my spirit bears no shade
and steps every recess
of your celestial realm
called freedom






Powerless strength


Plenty of marks on a forehead

Anniversaries of dark days are queued

A military discipline

A perfect line

Demonstration of power

I’m not going to condemn synchronicity

Nor do am I able to intervene in a such constellation


I must admit my powerless conscious strength

Love has no power

It possesses bliss

Let us be satisfied by this








Assembled forces

Around the heaven of the Moon

The heaven of Gabriel the Holy

Influences the beings

Fragile to death

Who can pull out the geese bird?

From the clay pot

Without breaking it

Not the life’s ignorant disciple

Nor the Sisyphean planetary orphan

Neither the life’s exhausted ascetic

A key-maker a treasury holder


Yet I do want to embrace the whole

Visible and invisible entities

You may celebrate your prodigy

And mock my naivety

And immeasurable love

I’ll do this until I dry

As a dew

Until I become a piece

Missing from terracotta

Kept for ages in the sand of Baghdad

Where Shamash made crisps from

The skin of the humans

So they may think they’re


Red eye killers

All I know is love


Alas the solstice promises

This year plenty of opportunities

I’m not ready to challenge life

With that much abundances don’t I?

As she trained me to pass

Through narrow canyons

And all visible and invisible Kinvats


I use to follow only a quantum of happiness

And find joy in there

Surrounded by ocean of bitterness

Wondering how I endured

Such a long distance swimming


Do I believe in such impact?

The constellation of heavenly bodies

Are keen to arrange for me

I yet do not know

All I know is love

Yes I know it by heart







Porcelain valley


Utensils of glutton sounds

Stimulates pride at the word Lemon

Pronounced stimulates saliva

It’s the matter of taste

The soul tastes eternity

Love ozone and vine

Pressed by a cosmic press

To drunk the lovers in love and

Walk in the porcelain valley

Feet encroaches the icy soil

And thrilled goose-bombs

On the skin


Head hairs rose to salute

Stormy flashes in the sky

To extinguish the fire of

Plexus Solaris

And repaint all Chakras

For eternity and a day more








Jupiter is my protector

A luck donor

All astrologers agreed

Yet I haven’t seen his potency so far


Luck it is said comes as flash

At times when you at least expect

Yet I haven’t seen his manifestation


Love flows in its bed

Hatred flows in its bed

Who’s going to win?

Yet I haven’t seen the battle for sake…


We the mortals of perishable world

Are blind to see the moment

Horacius reminded us

Yet we are deaf

Hasan Al- Basri reminded us

Yet we are truant immobile

I reminded myself

Yet I don’t see any changes so far





On the wings of seraph


I wonder how could I flew

From the wings of Seraph

Seeing a diverse creatures

Their happiness and their suffers

Exchanging time by time

Their velocity and venues

Among human they

Seems to have less then a percent

They talk about lunar eclipse

Its tonight

They expect the influence on their magnetism

I see velocity of changes in their moods

Among lower creatures

I listen their zooming

In a battle of life

A survival

And the continuation of species






I wish I could…


I wish I could bring bliss to all creatures

By every breathe they take

A smile returns to me

I wish I could love each

Visible and invisible breathtaking alive

And bow to a mortals that loved

And sometimes hated

I wish I could blame myself

And only that

Because every time I blamed others

I celebrated my failure

I wish I could faint

At the unification of the pure souls

While they exchange

Cosmic sparkles to make us obvious

The another modality of love






A mandrake for love


Bursts of desires only shows

How much terrestrial my soul

Became rude and even vulgar

Was it mingled with all so called human?

And got their color

To utilize its aptitudes of adaptability

Yes it was

A merchant

Pure miser

No love to flourish so far

Awaiting a breeze in equatorial heat

A desert of remnants

Ashes and bones

A carbon valley so visible

No possibility to burn again

Roots of poisonous plants has assembled forces

Yet love transforms them into honey

A mandrake for love has been bought

By a longing parent

A mother

A goddess of love

To heal all, all, all…

Wounds manlike creatures

Commissioned to dismay the cosmic spark

As in a fertile soil sowed

In a flesh

The body

The human body they call

And to decay it

For eternity and a day more






The lost line


Read the lost line I wrote

It may heal your wounds

And feed your lungs

With the perfume spread thoroughly

A huge luminous cloud of me is flying over

A lofty me

Was there to dismay darkness

Only for you

Is there any pain

That blossom its ugliness for sake of other’s love

No it takes years to penetrate

Through the membranes of love







I a fish…


The cosmos of cells in turmoil

All their membranes burst

The father

My black hole

Powerful gravity absorbed

Where is your love my dear?

I ask simultaneously

Pray Almighty for bliss

And spare from temptation of committing evil

May Love be my path?

My food, my water, my time, my consciousness, my suffer my lover

I a fish in my liquid dwelling

Never enough of ocean

Never enough of love





Eternal something…


The world will follow your steps
Discovering the mysteries of roses
Emerged from your footsteps

It’ll watch the image where
Your face will nourish
The cost of their glutton

They will see in your forehead
The blood-dots under epidermis
The prints of Sagittarius constellation
Amidst the shores of emerald sparkling leafs
Life-giving leafs
Remained after a serial blasts
They’ll wander
They’ll build the Tabernacle for their progeny
They’ll learn the lesson
The primordial one
They have forgotten through eons
And reunion with the ether-ic double
Somewhere wandering
In the vast space of cosmos
The visible and invisible
The perceptible and imperceptible

They will understand that they are now
Hardly human to rejoice in their small community

Everything will be different
And they will embrace difference
As their Alter Ego
Except one thing in common
To celebrate eternal something
We now call LOVE








When I wrote on Angus Dei
they attacked
and named me dirty convert

When I wrote on Ruhullah
they attacked
and named me a Muslim fundamentalist

When I wrote on your miracle
they attacked
and named me ephemera Lazarus
you’ll again die after the resurrection

But who cares
when I feel your smell
of jasmine my master
in the path of mercy and love
I’m licking the honey of your word
to heal the body and soul
and always remain

A proud green grass encroached
by those who don’t know

What they are doing








There’s only a dew of elixir in the bottom of the empty cup sleeping as lamb

Now they call it heart, I call it polluted spirit, and you may call it ruby pomegranate granules

But we the simplest so called human entities jointly may only Love and this is sufficient

To suffer for the thousand years and a day more


The one who cares not is the luckiest mundane ignorant but I’m the one alike who outpours his quintessential not knowing for whom

Not knowing for what reason a purpose never show its glamour in advance

For warning, for love or even for sake of its purest manifestation


In times when words were queued in the thread abundantly curved in bobbin from the human scalp

The necklace of verse is fading its shine no sparkling truths gurgles from its spring to obey our thirsts

We the thirsty souls for divine morsel wandering in here as the spirits of suicide victims

Empty stomachs of enfant terrible only for the grasp of the truth they never hear even as the sound of insect

Never as the sound of falling frozen spirit in jade that you may later see as the Galatea of divine maternal essence

A cornucopia of latent blessings waits

A deficit of Love outbursts proudly displaying its genitalia without a drop of shame

I wander as a working bee searching for the nectar of wisdom to feed my Queen bee

And bestow her eternal life with the royal jelly leaking elegantly from the bottom to the navel





The cube temple


I looked Mercy in her eyes

Icy tears heavy leaked in a compassionate face

She gave and fulfilled her promise

I found myself there

In a white garden surrounded by palaces and castles

And a dwelling to extinguish my gluttonous desires

Only for a touch of a dark stone

And cube temple that expelled all its idols and tried to expel

All my hidden idols hardly

From a boxed ruby pomegranate

Occasionally called heart

I’m back to finish half done earthly sins

I a bad merchant incapable to bargain

For heavenly goods

I brought a souvenir of the cube temple

To threaten all dark winds that intoxicated me

And filter the being that dwells

In the body of a youngster

Alas it’s old rather eternal something

We name by our whims perpetually changing their shape and destination.







Pity the one that layered

Hatred in his heart’s basements

Suffocated love can not breathe

Cain is walking free

No one has stopped his motion

We walk free and nobody is stopping us to choose

Yet we choose our leader

Fanatically following his constitution

And his procession

We are indeed his progeny

And there’s no shame

To slap our faces





The army of nobodies


They’ve encroach the grass of the neighbor’s territory

I was not the neighbor that sowed saplings of Sycamore tree

My pomegranate garden

Unfolded leafs and showed luxurious fertility

And brought the Balm of Gilead

Straight from Parsifal right in the center of the orchard

A huge shadow ficus religiosa

You may circle around

Exactly one thousand years in a row

But they will not allow you to enlighten

Amidst them I was crowded

Absorbing consciously

The odor of their emptiness

Yet I shall recite again the 99th Psalm of Celestial Intelligencer


Pity myself

Scars on my face

Each time I forgot to mention God’s name by every breathe taking

Conscious process

I may sing Joy

Oh pity nobodies yet you are unable to feel what you possessed in your veins

In vain I may call freedom

To establish its conquest but you are the pity ones that swallowed

All your dreams and hopes





The last seal

Who can say that miracle with the words of the world to pass?
Who can sing that glory with the eternal notes of paradise?
Who can paint that sparkling beauty above all features?
Who can compare that shine among all creatures?

And the clouds that made cooling shade
And the priest who kissed that seal
And the camels led by thy trade
And the moon split by HIS deal

Have myriads of hearts to have built their nests
Have myriads of souls to have found their rests
With thy deeds that nourish our creeds
With thy name that heals our greed






Your absence


From the mass of goodness

I took only a lump

To ferment the hearts of bewildered creatures


I may only facilitate

The noble incentive


The cookies are baked

The banquet has already started

Ages of celebration

Love have filled tables

With its vas manifestations


But you are absent





A time

Oh…time of light
The sprinkled mystery by
The whiteness of the clouds
Then I follow the stream
After awakening and bliss



loom of wishes woven mysteries
Silk of pleasure passion of life
Time of maturity a mulberry fruit
I’m in the crossroad again


Vine arbor

With the wings stretched eagle
With the hairs of the sleeping beauty
With the body as a serpent deep under the ground
A manifestation of Kundalini
Nurturing the soul and his shade
With the eyes of the beauty
Pressed in the cosmic press
With the spirits of angels
Drunks the lover in love
With me unite with me unite
With me unite with me tonight




...And then I was blessed
By a kiss of an angel
When I kissed her salty teardrop
That awoke the infant shake in my hearts cradle
With a lost lament
For the eternal past

Again I was blessed
By her breathe warmness
Which open the gate of my paradise
That opened with a silent shriek
As a melody burying ancient memoirs
As a same melody resurrect spirit's thirst
That wants to be overwhelmed by that hug
Of a holly angel.







You kiss me and stamp my existence

I kiss you and melt in God’s essence



The granular spittle that remains in my throat

A long day between winter and spring

My state known only by friends few of them

My Love felt by every creature

The bastards that sprinkles with their hatred

And those that converts their names and faith

This suffocating visible plurality of creatures and bizarre manifestations

My spiritual nervation has strengthened

Soul cells are dancing the muttered nation’s dance called Love

Those who make sex in the air as flies’ foals hatred babies

Can you kill babies is our question

We the invisible plurality of divine creatures and manifestations

We the perpetual Theophany coruscate in pure hearts

As Sun in the dews of mornings full of vetyver, ambergris, limonene, fragrance and a slight skunk of civet, moschus and the sweat men by labor exhausted

We speak we sing we paint

With the act without exhaling a syllable from our holly mouths

We sprinkle with the aureate dust

Straight we look at Saturn ring color eyes and the color of peacock tale feather

We built a cube temple and play chess in cube

We love the terrain where the guests of Moses and Lot before him had passed through

We sing with Seraph of high realms we sing in sync

Here we bring joy in hearts of those who encroached in procession through emerald macadam

Where you seldom pass

We know by heart the Al Jaffr and ten Sefirots and we read the Liber Razielis

We accompanied Adam Kadmon in his solitude prior to separation and embodiment in terrain that will be bloodied by human through centuries

We have said to John to go in the river Jordan baptize the Christ and lead him on

For those who knows a little

We said to Waraka to prepare Muhammad to become the leader of those who seek the truth

We said to Bahaullah to explain men to take after women and the mother Earth

Otherwise in upcoming millennium the solely food of them shall be kernels and water

We said to Gibran commence the Theurgy for upcoming millennium being as solely artistic repose for creative men

We said to Fahredin write as much as possible and hush as a canyon stone

Until he finds his echo point







Sweet little Roma


I crossed the stone bridge and listened the gurgle of white river’s water beneath

And the Church staying proudly next to the Mosque as mirror to see her beauty

The fountain of drinking water from the top of the cold hills flowing benevolently

Surrounded by the buzzing manlike creatures unaware of the burden they carry

A approached a different mendicant than my eyes use to capture as camera obscura

The boy was drinking Coke and happily smiling to the crowd yet in his eyes

The azure blue formed a net for the lovers, human and celestial beings alike

As spider waiting for the victim that would proudly kiss the star in his forehead  

The day was happy to find me there slightly confused by the spring’s breeze

I was happy to be there and embrace the Coke drinking boy sweet as all boys in the world

The angels that warns us to Love unbiased





 The Gown


A neon- color cornucopia gurgles as spring
Standing in the middle
I remain overwhelmed
Nano- metric particles embraces sinful population
Of cells absorbed by light
It’s Zephyr that transports souls
Nowhere else you may see
Lifted up, up, up they bear
Nuptials to the gaps of heaven but
The entrance pearly macadam
Krypton threshold and cedar wood gate
Golden latch opens to host guests
The bride…is I glimmered?
Heavy walk I started as death angel
Walks on earth
Aerial walk now steps far
In advance as seraph I wear
The gown lightly embroidered
With knots curls sparks and pearls
Of the ionic thread
Light is as feather its weight
Light I as bubble about to burst
Light as happiness my momentum
We levitate above golden leaf wheat field
Seeing our shadows beneath
Our heavily impregnated cubic souls
We see the footprints of malicious
Who encroached our shadow when
The sun was as God adored and
Stand in the front of us
Anyway we undress the gown
Naked souls in unison
Sing dance and rejoice
Wash at the bank of milky river
The mantle of the Green Man waits
Our essentials wait too
To fill and go in procession
To celebrate eternals






The tiny mysteries


He was telling me the mystery of Mispha

And the lingam washed with the milky water

Remained still


I came to a place called knowledge

Got aware of my ignorance


She was telling me the mystery of Delphi

And the white pigeon spoke in vein

From the heaven down to the isle


I came to a place called will

Moved heart- stones and multitude of passion


You were telling me the mystery of Gabriel

And the sounds of tiny bells

Under the myriads of flame rainbow wings


I came to a place called Love

Built my settlement of beloved and

The praying room in the middle

Of the temple

And I stand contrite

For all lost YOU





Primordial “I”


19 layers of textile’s mist have folded the “I”

Watching from the distance

It looks bizarrely captured

We are in exile

With love intoxicated


Humanity shall see the rainbow

We emit from all “I- s”

The primordial “I” emerged amidst the crowd of human

To articulate love

Infra mezzo and ultra visible

With the velocity of the most knowledgeable Angel

The sages named NUN and rejoice the eternity and

A day after

To transfer wisdom for the Thirsty Souls

We are the thirsty souls and

We approach humbly

The icy jet of the eternal spring 





If I was an Alien  


Would I approach the human?
To knock in the doors of yesterday, and
Mature before my sweat get icy scale
Catch the plait of visible sky with stars embroidered, and
Appear as a child with the eyes that shows the abundance inside

To touch goose bombs in his heart membrane, and
Pamper the nest of the stars in between two eyebrows
Smell the grape pollen from his eyelashes, and
Offer the goblet full of freshly pressed pomegranate
Hear the sound of his breath, and
Get in the front of his shadow
Absorb the rays of his rainbow aura, and
Sing in unison the universal melody that vibes LOVE





Unusual “I”


The hand of mercy sprinkled
A golden dust over and over
The lips of wisdom spoke silence
The womb of planet bears progeny
A spark of diamond in the dew of my tear
Boiling one
A drop of it to melt the ice cube of your heart
Usual you and usual I
As waterfall from the top of the hill
Lofty unusual I
Stands bewildered and obtuse
An oxymoron
That wants to examine
Here in its lab
Alas Love
And God forbid
We dry out slowly and sure
Homo nuovus has its saying
“Unless you are in love
You have no right to approach the unknown”





The tiny mysteries  


The tiny mysteries
He was telling me the mystery of Mispha
And the lingam washed with the milky water
Remained still

I came to a place called knowledge
Got aware of my ignorance

She was telling me the mystery of Delphi
And the white pigeon spoke in vein
From the heaven down to the isle

I came to a place called will
Moved heart- stones and multitude of passion

You were telling me the mystery of Gabriel
And the sounds of tiny bells
Under the myriads of flame rainbow wings

I came to a place called Love
Built my settlement of beloved and
The praying room in the middle
Of the temple
And I stand contrite
For all lost YOU





Deployment of fathom 

Master died all of sudden
We died prior to metamorphosis of butterfly
Our children again set the chess table
This time in cube
A silent shriek warns
Intelligencer bows its bones and flesh statue
In the front of place
Where the master use to sit
My two years old daughter shocked me again and thus in serial
Speechless she claim
Dad I love you but I don’t know why
Nor do I
I respond as certified imbecile
The constellation of Sagittarius in miniature
Found its space in my forehead
To send beams straight
To my hypothalamus and nurture it splendidly
Jupiter violates the territory of mortals
I’m the one alike
A yellow topaz bears nano- formula
A seed for another thousand years
We rejoice earthly wisdom
The noetic’ mock us
As we were mere single cell creatures
Yet unaware of their derision
Yet beyond all exoteric’
Prays in the altar of experiment
Full of breakable paraphernalia
We remain in the middle





Eternal present

Unless you become beautiful
You have no right to approach Beauty

If the one longs only for flowers
I shall bloom at once the entire spring

Until you leave the future behind
There’s no mere chance you make thou art a living influence

If I long only for eternal unknown
I tell you again I break this goblet
Into fragments and resurrect as phoenix
Then from my new goblet you may drink
Unpolluted vine
With the lips of deadly curse

Then my Art is for real






I think loudly


For the human

Alerting to stop just for a while

To think reason and ponder

May we together succeed?

Yes we may

Preserving plenitude of killing domination transgression efforts


We outpour Love and sprinkle all burnt skin

With its resin freshness

Until it mixes with blood and

Replace it

So the fluid of love

Shall circulate in our veins

Then slowly loose our word

Live in the miracle

Change our world

And please God.





My wishful thinking…


I fully embrace the lights of all sources

Mixing tears with the blue flame

Abandoning all human fears

Encroaching the grass of all darkest green

Smelling running water at the bank of the Nile

Receipted in the Onyx foyer surrounded by

Unfurled rainbow muslin roll with gold color encrypted

Formulas for Love intoxicated entities

Am I?

Such befuddled to melt as a snowflake

When the sun ray sings its quatrain

And perfume it with the fresh scent

Of angels’ armpit

And all Seraphs laugh in unison

For all lost “I-s”






The latent “I”


Spleen was now loaded

Heavily as vineyard full of not harvested grape

I pity the nation that does not press its own grape


All plasmatic beings elegantly approached to burn

The head and the tail of the serpent

The latent “I” buried under the shade of the golden fig and

The drops of the pomegranate’s juice

In vain tempted to cure all wounds of the turbulence “Past”-s and

Aloe, balm and the royal jelly turbulence “Now”-s

While in seclusion yet the latent “I” bears Love

Since it shall write for the upcoming prophet

He writes since he believes in miracle

By each lovely word he utters

The gate opens the “All” may hear heavenly shriek and

The distance shortens

To kiss the epithelium of the heart and

By each word he utters

A prejudice dismantles in one blast

To see the rainbow from the burnt of its particles and

All the black holes queued in the cosmic cord

To make the necklace for Sophia eternal

The bride of the eternal groom

That embraces the Seen the Semi- Seen and the Unseen.



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