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Fahredin Shehu - Kosova

Selection of poems



Short bio

Born in Rahovec, South East of Kosova, in 1972. graduated at Prishtina University, Oriental Studies. M.A. in Literature.


Actively works on Calligraphy discovering new mediums and techniques for this specific for of plastic art.


Published books:

  • NUN- collection of  mystical poems, 1996 author’s edition,

  • INVISIBLE PLURALITY- Poetical prose, 2000, author’s edition

  • NEKTARINA- Novel, Transcendental Epic, 2004, publishing House, Rozafa Prishtinė- project of Ministry of Culture Sport and Youth of Kosova

  • ELEMENTAL 99- Short poetical mystical stories, 2006, Center for positive thinking, Prishinė

  • KUN- collection of transcendental lyrics, 2007, Publishing House LOGOS-A, Skopje, Macedonia



Issues on papers and magazines:

Essays in daily paper ZERI, Prishtinė,

Essays in daily paper LAJM, Prishtinė,

Essays in daily paper GAZETAEXPRESS, Prishtinė,

Essays in daily paper ILIRIA POST, Prishtinė,

Columns and essays on weekly paper JAVA, Prishtinė,

Poetry on Magazine of Center for Humanistic studies GANI BOBI, Prishtinė

Essays on Journal “Oriental Studies”, Kosova Orientalist’s Association.

Poetry in Magazine STAV- Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Poetry in Magazine ZIVOT- Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Poetry in Magazine ULAZNICA- Zrenjanin, Vojvodina

Poetry in Magazine URRA- Tirana, Albania

Poetry in Magazine POETA- Belgrade, Serbia

Poetry in Magazine, ISTANBUL LITERARY REVIEW, Istanbul, Turkey

Poetry in Magazine, MOBIUS MAGAZINE, New York

Poetry in Magazine OBELISK, Tirana, Albania

Essays in electronic magazine SEGURAWEB, Holland

Essays in electronic magazine GAZETA START, Albania



Poetry in

Articles in

Articles in



Exhibition of Calligraphies in Cairo, Egypt, 2004

Sarajevo 44th Poetry Meeting, Sarajevo 2005

Congress on 600th anniversary of the work of Abdurrahman Ibn Khaldun, Cairo, Egypt, 2006

Meeting for the ethnic minority rights, European Parliament, Bruxelles, 2006

Exhibition of paintings and calligraphies at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Cairo Egypt, 2007

Participation on the Congress on 800th anniversary of a Persian Poet RUMI, organized by

UNESCO/Albania and Saadi Shirazi Foundation, Tirana

Debates on national KTV, RTK, TV BESA

Artists Profile “KULT”, RTK Public Broadcaster

Interviews for all nation wide Electronic Media and Press


Translated in English, Serbian, Croatian, bosnia, Roma, Swedish, Turkish, Arabic


Ambassador of Poets to Albania by Poetas del Mundo, Santiago de Chile


Works in Administration of Radio Television of Kosova RTK



Fahredin Shehu


Radio Televizioni i Kosoves

Ndertesa e Radio Kosoves,

Bordi i Drejtorave, kati IV

10 000 Prishtinė, Kosovė


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