Serina Closed Gate
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Novel رواية 小说

Closed Gate


by Sayed Gouda
158 pages, paperback
ISBN 9789889969
80 (+HK$10 shipping fees) / US$12 (+US$6 shipping fees)


With Serina, Gouda has proven his ability to write with clarity about developments in various cultural and political backgrounds. He has done so while also giving readers knowledgeable insights into the mental trauma of the protagonist. The result is a novel that interwines personal and national suffering and calls for personal and national responsibility.


Closed Gate

Closed Gate

by Sayed Gouda

186 pages, paperback
ISBN 9789889969646
HK$80 (+HK$10 shipping fees) / US$12 (+US$6 shipping fees)



Sayed Gouda’s Closed Gate juxtaposes life in Beijing with the sufferings of Palestine. The sufferings of Gaza are experienced in snatches, dreams, and traumatic flashes of sudden prose, as if to suggest that here is a drama that is not concluded – as it surely isn’t.

Once Upon a Time in Cairo

Once Upon a Time in Cairo
by Sayed Gouda

304 pages, paperback
ISBN 9628673246

(+HK$10 shipping fees) / US$16 (+US$6 shipping fees)
(currently not available)

Cairo, 1948. Two families lay claim to a plot of land on which they share a house. The ruthless master of El-Wehda Street takes the side of Musa against El-Arabi, and an honest man dies defending his shop. Three generations live through conflict, celebration, betrayal, murder and, finally, love… 

Amina cannot blind her sons to the beauty of Delilah’s daughters, but do they have the right to love if justice does not prevail? Can Safwat rise above 'an eye for an eye'? Will he choose peace -- or seek a just revenge? 

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