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Issue 7 of Nadwah Magazine


About Nadwah

Nadwah is a multilingual bimonthly poetry e-magazine that focuses on poetry in translation. Poems published in Nadwah are translated in both English and Arabic together with the poem in its original language.

Call for Submissions

Nadwah invites submissions in English or Arabic. The deadline for the December 2019 issue is 15 November. Please indicate whether you are the author/translator or hold the copyright of your poem/translation. Send your poems to in Word format. You may follow updates on Nadwah website:

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Classics Corner

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Modern Poetry

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Contemporary Poetry

  Ahmed Elbeshlawy: The Symptoms of Love 44
Guest of Honour: Brian Patten 16-27 A Picture 45
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Literary Criticism

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A Glimpse of Art

Friends, Revisited 26 Auguste Renoir: Young Woman Braiding Her Hair the back cover
Gwendolyn Brooks: Truth 28    

Publishing Guidelines


Font: 12, Times New Roman.

Titles: Unless the whole poem is written in lower case, all titles should be capitalized.

Length: Poems within 40 lines are preferred.

Themes: Priority will be given to poems of universal themes and humanistic values.

Forms: Nadwah focuses on rhythmic poems, whether in metrical traditional forms or free verse proper, i.e. accentuated or syllabic poems. Nevertheless, the content is equally important in order to give form a meaningful substance. Prose poems of outstanding value will also be considered for publication.

Language: Inappropriate language or content will not be considered for publication.

Footnotes: No footnotes except for occasional annotations.

Editorial Board


Nadwah welcomes more poets/translators to join us on the editorial board each to be in charge of poetry translated from a certain language into English. To contact the current editorial board for submission, write to the respective editor:

Editor-in-chief / Arabic and Chinese editor: Sayed Gouda
English and German editor: Birgit Bunzel
Greek editor:   Sarra Thilykou
Indian editor: Dileep Jhaveri
Indian editor: Durba Sengupta
Italian editor: Luca Beneassi
Japanese editor: Maki Starfield

Korean editor:

Lena Oh
Macedonian editor: Trajan Petroveski
Polish editor:

Hatif Janabi

Russian editor: Alexey Filimonov
Slovenian editor: MarjanStrojan
Spanish editor: Mariela Cordero
Art consultants:    Birgit Bunzel
  Mamdouh Kessifi


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