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"Unpolished Allure" by upcoming photographer Farah Hourani


Nadwah - Hong Kong - 20 July 2009



Dear Friends & Art Lovers,

Join us in a vibrant photography exhibition

entitled" Unpolished Allure" by upcoming photographer Farah Hourani

The exhibition continues until 25 July 2009
Open daily except on Fridays


Farah Hourani

Photography to me is like visual poetry. I always search for the uncommon in the common; when I photographed Petra, Wadi Rum and Aqaba I tried to stay away from the commercial snapshots by trying to merge our culture with eye catching colors to make them more alluring for the current generation; mixing the heritage with a modern twist "past and present in a frame". I've been constantly trying to be aware of my surroundings because every snapshot is a fragment of a second then it
becomes just a memory.


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