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Sayed Gouda’s Serina:  The Split Self in a Tumultuous Postmodern World -By Salah Elewa

A Pilgrim's Poetry, Sayed Gouda By Jorge Plama
不上窗户的少妇 - 赛义德.顾德著 

Mahmoud Darwish: The Expropriated Poet By Serene Huleileh

者的詩性福音 - 蔡益懷 

A New Life - Ha Jin

The Quiet Girl by Peter Hoeg - May Houlihan

Reading into Family Affair by Gillian Bickley

Your Secret Life: Poems by Harry Ricketts - Gillian Bickley

Thematic Conducivenesses - Prof. Abdul Settar Abdul Latif

舒巷城的诗 - 赛义德.顾德 著   Reading Shu Hongsing Poetry - Sayed Gouda

On "Clearing Ground" - Sayed Gouda
On "Accidental Occidental" - Sayed Gouda
Poems 1955-2005 - Anne Stevenson
On "Delicate Access" - Sayed Gouda
"Blood Angels" and a Zen poet - Sayed Gouda

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